BMX Parks and Tracks

USA BMX - American Bicycle Association

This is BMX! This is what it looks like. From the moment that the starting gate slams down and you and up to seven other racers blast at a full sprint toward the first obstacle, BMX racing will give you that rush of adrenaline you've been looking for. Big jumps can mean big air. Steep backsides, deep turns, and downhill sections can add up to massive speeds. To realize the total thrill that BMX gives a rider, you really need to experience it. With over 370 BMX tracks located all around the country, there is surely a USA BMX facility near you. Once you try BMX racing, we practically guarantee you'll be hooked for life. Visit the USA BMX website.

ABA Tracks

Plainfield Bike Park - Plainfield, IL The park will consist of a dirt jump area, a skills area, and a pump track. Each area was designed with all skill levels in mind providing a safe way for riders to progress from beginner to expert. The park will also provide a location for professional exhibitions, safety classes, and competitions. Visit the CAMBR web site.